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   Celibacy is superior to marriage, because it enables us to have an undivided heart in our love, devotion, and service of the Lord
   Christ never promised us that we would have no affliction, but that he would save us if we put our faith in him
   Preaching the gospel is like sowing seed that silently and gradually takes root and grows of its own power
   The gospel was given to us not only for our own illumination, but that we might illuminate others with it
   St. Paul sought to make disciples of all nations, which is the mission of the Church today as well
   Jesus came to bring salvation from our sins to all that genuinely repent and put their faith in him
   Christ entered the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood to offer the only sacrifice that secured our eternal redemption
   As Jesus carefully chose his apostles, so the Church must carefully choose her priests and bishops
   How Christ's sacrifice is superior to the Old Testament sacrifices, and what it does for us
   Fasting is important in the Christian life if it is done, not like the Pharisees, but with the proper motive
   When John the Baptist pointed out Jesus as the Lamb of God, two of his disciples left him to follow Jesus
   Jesus came to call those that know they are sinners and need his help, not the self-righteous
   Jesus came to call those that know they are sinners and need his help, not the self-righteous
   We cannot earn God's forgiveness of our sins by our works, for it is a free gift given to those that put their faith in Christ
   As Jesus cured the leper, so he cures the leprosy of their sins of all that come to him with faith
   The undergirding pillars of the Christian life are repentance and faith
   In his baptism Jesus is publicly anointed by the Father with the Holy Spirit as the propitiatory sacrifice that will save the world
   Genuine ministers of the gospel draw people to Christ, not to themselves
   Christ is able and willing to cleanse us from the leprosy of sin if only we ask him with humble, worshiping faith
   Christ came to bring release to the captives of sin and Satan and give us his heavenly peace and spiritual joy

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