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   Jesus can release us from the power of Satan, just as he freed a demoniac from evil spirits that drove him mad
   In his hometown Jesus proclaimed to the people that he fulfills a messianic text of Isaiah, and so they try to kill him
   Our faith enables us to maintain our peace in the Lord through the storms of life
   The kingdom of God develops by its own power in our hearts like a small seed growing into a large bush
   The light of the gospel is meant for the whole world and is given to us to preach everywhere
   All sins will be forgiven except for those that blaspheme the Holy Spirit by saying that Christ is possessed by the devil
   Jesus interprets Isaiah’s prophecy of preaching good news to the poor and release to captives as fulfilled in himself as he is speaking
   Jesus’ family thinks he has lost his mind with excessive zeal for preaching and prayer, because he sometimes lacked time to eat and sleep
   Jesus chose the twelve apostles from his disciples, to be with him and then be sent out to preach the gospel, cast out demons, and heal the sick
   While the Pharisees sought to destroy Jesus, he withdrew to the sea and was eagerly followed by huge crowds
   Jesus manifested his glory by transforming water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee
   Jesus did not come to call those that felt no need for a Savior, but rather those that felt that they were sinners
   Jesus uses the miracle of curing a paralytic of his paralysis to prove that he can forgive his and our sins
   Jesus is both able and willing to cure the leprosy of our sins if we humbly come to him with faith and genuine repentance
   Repentance and faith in Jesus Christ are necessary to enter the kingdom of God
   The Father is well pleased with his Son who will satisfy divine justice by dying in vicarious substitutionary punishment for our sins
   Now that the Messiah has finally come, he must increase, but I must decrease
   Christ is always willing and able to heal the leprosy of our sins, which alienates us from God, if we turn to him with faith and genuine repentance
   Jesus the Messiah is not only equal to God, but he saves and redeems us from our sins and guilt
   A miraculous star leads the Magi to the very house in Bethlehem where the newborn king is

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