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   Jesus' mission to call sinners to genuine repentance should be our mission too
   A Christian is to live a simple God-focused life of prayer and fasting
   Through Jesus' atoning death all that believe in him receive forgiveness of sins
   A life of prayer and fasting is essential for effective ministry
   A Christian's lifestyle is inspired not by the secular world but by imitating God
   Papal authority in the Francis era, and how we are to relate to it
   The way to find our life truly is to lose our life in this world
   Jesus now begins to reveal the deeper mission of his life, to suffer and die to atone for our sins
   Why is the Catholic Church collapsing in the United States today?
   How Jesus fulfilled both the ceremonial and moral law of Moses
   Jesus' miraculous feeding of the multitudes is an anticipation of the Eucharist
   Jesus opens the ears and looses the tongues of the spiritually deaf and dumb
   Intercessory prayer for our Church leaders is essential in the Catholic Church today
   A missionary should imitate Jesus' eagerness to preach the gospel to all he can reach
   We must reject the false dichotomy that giving good example is good, but preaching the gospel with words is bad
   Silent prayer and contemplation are essential for successful gospel preaching
   John the Baptist's courageous denunciation of Herod's adulterous marriage is a model for us all to follow
   Preaching repentance is essential to authentic gospel preaching
   We are to proclaim Jesus Christ to non-Christians of every culture and religion as the only one that can save us from our sins
   Jesus who would offer himself to God as a propitiatory sacrifice for our sins is today offered to God in the temple

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