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   Mary's visit to Elizabeth confirms Mary's faith in the angel's message that she will be the mother of the Messiah
   In God there is one nature and three persons with one divine mind and will by which they know and love each other
   John the Baptist, whose authority came from God, declared that Jesus was the Messiah, therefore, Jesus ' authority also comes from God
   Jesus curses Israel for its fruitlessness, symbolized by cursing a barren fig tree, which warns us that our lives too must bear good fruit for God
   Calling on false gods will not save us, for Jesus is the only Savior that God has ever sent into the world
   "It is finished," The work of our redemption was finished when Jesus died on the cross
   At Pentecost the disciples finally understood for the first time how Jesus will be the Messiah and save the world
   The gospel of John was written by the beloved disciple, an eyewitness to the events it relates
   Loving Christ is the qualification for ministry, and ministry is the expression of our love for him
   Jesus prays for those who will believe in him that they may be one among themselves and with God through faith in Christ
   Although in the world we will be persecuted and have tribulation, in Christ we will be in peace because of his redemption
   Jesus prays that his disciples will be sanctified and separate from the world, but in the world to preach his gospel of salvation
   A great change will take place in Jesus' relationship with his disciples after his death, resurrection, and Pentecost
   What is the work of an apostle, and what is the work of those that do the work of an apostle today?
   Christ, who came down to save us by his atoning death for our sins, has finished his work and now returns to heaven
   The Christian life is not one of all smooth sailing, but involves conflicts with worldliness, error, and false teaching
   As Jesus was persecuted, so will we his followers be persecuted for our faith, our way of life, and our preaching
   The Council of Jerusalem writes a letter to the Gentile Churches of Antioch telling them that they are free from the ceremonial precepts of the Mosaic law
   God makes no distinction between Jews and Gentiles, but cleanses everyone's heart by faith in Christ
   Christ puts us into the same resplendent river of love of his Father that he himself dwells in and asks us to abide in it by obeying him

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