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   The Church's authority structure is founded on St. Peter, and her theology is based on St. Paul
   Christ's call must take precedence over all other human ties, calls, and obligations
   The great importance of faith for the Christian life, and how little it is appreciated by many that self-identify as Christians today
   Christ is able and willing to cleanse of the leprosy of sin all that ask him with faith
   To be ultimately saved we must not only hear the word of God, but also do it
   It is hypocritical to mercilessly condemn the sins of others, if you yourself are doing the same thing
   What I tell you in the dark, utter in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim upon the housetops
   Jesus was uniquely dedicated to his heavenly Father for the world's salvation, even from his earliest days
   Jesus gives rest to those that labor and are heavy laden with guilt for their sins, when they come to him with faith
   The Our Father teaches us how Christians are to pray
   Jesus recommends nonviolence and nonresistance for personal offenses
   Christ was not speaking symbolically, but literally, when he said that he would give us his flesh to eat and his blood to drink
   Truth is essential, but in the Church today there is a problem, for things are claimed as true that aren't
   Divorce from a valid marriage and civil remarriage during the lifetime of your original spouse is adultery
   Jesus shows us the depth of the law of Moses, which he fulfills
   Jesus' Beatitudes are a reversal of worldly values
   We are all justly condemned to eternal death for our sins, but God has given us one way of escape, faith in his Son
   We should give to God all that we have, our whole life
   The Old Testament proves the Jews wrong in thinking that the Messiah would only be a great King, a mere man
   How Jesus' greatest commandment should shape the life of a justified Christian

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