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» 2019-2020 Year A English / July
   Many wrongly rejected Jesus because they were blinded by their knowledge of his former life
   We should not be discouraged that not everyone will be convinced and converted by our preaching of the gospel
   The preaching of the gospel is a small beginning but quickly transforms both people and the world to an extraordinary degree
   We must renounce all for Christ in order to gain the kingdom of God
   In the kingdom of God those that are first are the servants of all
   The lusts of the flesh and the pleasures of life choke the word of God in us so that it does not bear good fruit
   Jesus spoke in parables, because the multitudes were not yet ready to understand the clear preaching of the gospel
   The crisis of the lack of faith in sections of the Catholic Church today
   We must put up with false Christians in the Church until they are cast out at the second coming of Christ
   For doing good the Pharisees plot to destroy Jesus
   As Lord of the universe, Jesus is also Lord of the sabbath and so has the authority to determine how it is to be observed by his followers
   Only those that are depressed by guilt for their sins for having offended God will find rest in Christ
   Christ did not come to bring peace on earth, but rather the sword of division
   When heard with faith, the word of God should completely revolutionize our life, directing it totally toward God
   The great commission is being attacked within the Catholic Church today and needs to be reaffirmed
   The mission of the Church is to make disciples of people of every culture, nation, and religion for their eternal salvation
   No problem is too great for Jesus to solve, not even the problem that we are now facing in the United States today
   Christ brings relief and peace of heart to those that are weary and heavy laden but come to him with humble faith
   How and why a Christian should fast
   St. Thomas's confession of Jesus as his Lord and his God opens up all the blessings of Christianity to us

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