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» 2020-2021 Year B English / July
   Doing what is right, when under great social pressure to do what is wrong, takes great courage and is pleasing to God
   Jesus’ wisdom and power come not from men but from God
   It is an error to be so busy with good works for the Lord that we ignore the Lord himself, which is the one thing necessary
   The gospel dispensation, when it takes root in a person, completely transforms his tastes, character, and behavior
   Today Jesus performs a great miracle by multiplying five loaves of bread to feed five thousand men, besides the women and children
   The earthly Church will never be a perfect community of saints, for it will always contain false Christians
   Although many hear the word of God, why do not all bear good fruit?
   Those whose lives are most transformed by Christ have the greatest love for him and serve him the most
   Jesus condemns our lack of faith, and a modern version of how Jonah got swallowed by a whale
   Missionaries are to preach a message of eternal salvation which will be effective in all who put their faith in it
   Jesus will bring righteousness to the earth and in his name the Gentiles shall hope
   Christ makes exceptions to the ceremonial law for the sake of genuine human need
   Christ came to give us rest and peace of mind by freeing us from our sins and guilt and by giving us a new way of life
   Christ came to bring us inner spiritual peace by shedding his blood, but not necessarily external peace with everyone at this time
   The apostles are sent out for the first time to preach the gospel and call people to repentance
   A missionary or preacher of the gospel will have an uphill battle against those that do not have a biblical worldview
   During Jesus’s earthly life, the apostles were to preach the near approach of the kingdom of God, for it had not yet fully come in its earthly form
   As Jesus cured diseases and raised the dead, so now he justifies sinners and reconciles them with God
   The primary concern of missionary activity is the eternal salvation of the individual soul
   Today St. Thomas is equipped to be a missionary by acknowledging that Jesus is his Lord and God and is risen from the dead

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