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   If people do not accept our preaching of the gospel, we should preach to others who long for God's salvation
   Christ saves us by means of his cross, which then becomes the pattern showing us how to live as his followers
   John the Baptist's prophetic rebuke of Herod for his illegal marriage cost him his life
   Now is the time to be prepared to meet the Lord, not at midnight, when he suddenly and unexpectedly arrives
   We should be watchful and vigilant now, for when the Son of man comes, there will be no more chance to repent
   A war on God is being waged today
   Jesus built his Church on the rock of Peter and gave him the keys of the kingdom and the power of binding and loosing
   Avoid giving too much authority to human beings in spiritual matters if they contradict the word of God
   The two great commandments show us the new way of life that a justified Christian is now to live
   You cannot get into the royal wedding banquet without faith, genuine repentance, and a new life
   The call to a higher state in life, the full-time following of Jesus, by renouncing everything else for him
   Perseverance in prayer is essential, for God at times tests our faith to strengthen it before answering our request
   Mary's hymn of praise also expresses our praise and thanksgiving for God's salvation
   Divorce from a valid marriage and remarriage is adultery, and the crisis in the Catholic Church today over this issue
   We who have been forgiven an infinite debt of punishment for our sins must now forgive those who have offended us
   Christ's death will bring life to the world, and we should die to the world to live fully for Christ
   The condition of mind, body, spirit, and life that is most conducive to contemplative prayer
   Faith, prayer, and fasting are needed to cast out a virulent evil spirit and to preach the word of God with power
   You will lose your life by saving it, but you will save your life by losing it
   We shall be transfigured, spiritually now, but ultimately in resurrected bodies, when Christ returns in glory

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