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» 2020-2021 Year B English / August
   Today Jesus reveals himself in his hometown as the Messiah and proclaims that his ministry is one of salvation
   We are not justified by good works either of the moral or ceremonial law of God, but rather by faith in Jesus’ atoning death on the cross for our sins
   We are entrusted with certain talents by God to use in his service, and we will be rewarded if we do and cast out if we don’t
   The Lord will come suddenly so that those that are not always prepared will be shut out of the heavenly wedding feast
   Since Christ’s second coming will be sudden and at an unknown time, we must always be prepared for it
   Today’s Pharisees obstruct the gospel message by opposing St. Paul’s magnificent doctrine of justification by faith, not by works
   Everyone in Jesus’ audience understood him as speaking literally, not metaphorically, about eating his flesh and drinking his blood
   We are to avoid the hypocrisy of using honorable titles without seeking to live in an honorable way
   Loving God with all your hear means living in a totally new way in this world
   Many are called to the gospel dispensation, but few are chosen, namely those who put faith in it and live accordingly
   A life of perfection is a life in which one renounces everything to love and serve God with an undivided heart
   Mary, conceived without Original Sin to be a worthy Mother of God, was assumed body and soul into heaven at the end of her life
   It is the poor in spirit, the unimportant and of no account in this world that are blessed by Jesus, for they are like children
   Jesus restores God’s original plan for marriage of one man with one woman who become one flesh
   If we do not forgive those that offend us, God will remember our sins against us, and we can lose our justification
   God saves the world by means of his Son’s death on the cross, for when we put our faith in his Son, God counts his death as paying our debt of death in punishment for our sins
   The Eucharist is the memorial of Christ’s atoning sacrificial death that makes it present for us
   As Jesus heals an epileptic with an evil spirit, so he makes us new men and a new creation if we have sufficient faith in him
   Jesus is transfigured in glory to strengthen our faith that, although in a lowly form, he is indeed the glorious Messiah
   The extent and limits of the authority of the Pope

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