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» 2020-2021 Year B English / September
   Jesus sends seventy disciples on mission to preach that the kingdom of God has come near them
   Jesus wants his followers to be meek and lowly of heart and not seek after worldly honors and positions
   We are to make the greatest sacrifices to avoid the near occasions of serious sin
   Jesus keeps emphasizing the key fact that he must be put to death, for this is how he will carry out his mission as the Messiah to save the world
   The apostles finally recognize Jesus as the Messiah and then he tells them that his death is central to his work as Messiah and Savior
   Christ’s death is sufficient for the salvation of the whole world, but we can make it effective for individuals by preaching the gospel to them
   Jesus whispered to his disciples the explanation of his parables so that they could later preach them clearly to the multitudes
   What Jesus did on the cross is the central and most important act of his earthly ministry – it is how he saved us
   Although we preach the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ, the results will depend on the response of those who hear it
   Jesus preaches the gospel dispensation throughout Galilee with the twelve and some women who provided for them out of their means
   This sinful woman expressed such tender love for Jesus because she had been forgiven so much by him
   Our faith in Christ’s death on the cross is what enables God to save us from our sins and make us righteous
   We must not be ashamed of preaching Christ’s atoning death for our sins by which he redeemed the world
   There are two kinds of people, good and bad, and you can tell them apart by whether their fruits – their words and deeds – are good or bad
   A religious teacher that rejects any of the foundational doctrines of Christianity, such as that Christ redeemed us by his death on the cross, is like the blind leading the blind
   Today Jesus shows us a radically new way of living, loving our enemies
   As the Messiah, Jesus abrogates for his followers the pharisaic additions to the Mosaic law as well as the law’s ceremonial aspects
   Jesus opens our ears to hear the good news of our redemption and looses our tongue to proclaim it to the world
   Jesus is the Messiah and divine Son of God who remakes Judaism into a religion of redemption, that is, of justification and sanctification
   The gospel is a revolutionary new beginning that cannot be contained within the framework of pharisaic Judaism

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