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   Do not get on an endless dinner party circuit, seeking the best place and enjoying a constant round of payback invitations
   The love of free sex blinds the mainstream media to the evil of murdering our children in the womb
   Jerusalem will be forsaken, not because God predestined it to damnation, but because they rejected their Savior
   The world is not to be deceived by Pope Francis' erroneous acceptance of same-sex civil unions
   Loving God with all our heart and soul only comes from being born again through faith in Christ and leads us to a whole new way of living
   Pope Francis' approval of homosexual civil unions continues to rock the Church and the world
   Why is it that so many are quite astute about earthly things, but totally blind about what really counts?
   Does the Catholic Church now accept same-sex civil unions?
   We are saved by faith, not by good works, but for good works, which God has planned for us ahead of time
   The gospel must be preached to all nations so that all that trust in Jesus' death to atone for their sins might be saved
   We must acknowledge Christ before men if we want him to acknowledge us before the angels of God
   By believing in the gospel of our salvation we have been predestined to live for the praise of Christ's glory
   God has planned since before the creation of the world that we should live for the praise of his glory
   Those that seek to justify themselves by law keeping are slaves, but those that are justified by faith are free
   Most are lost because their worldly interests drown out their interest in the Lord
   The law was given to the Jews as a pedagogue until the time of faith, when we could be justified by faith
   Since no one has perfectly kept God's law from birth to death, everyone is under a curse for his failure to fully keep it
   When we put our trusting faith in Christ, God declares us righteous and reckons to us his own righteousness
   The Scriptures are the ordinary infallible guide by which we know how God wants us to live
   Because the Jews instigated the death of the Son of God, the kingdom of God will be taken from them and given to a people that will produce its fruit

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